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Noomi Rapace = Awesomeness

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I like Actor Scoot Adkins . :)

looks so GOOD i would love too see this movie

He would b a good Batman or batman like charater


I believe that the biggest threat for the time being are the ones who create movies' trailers. We just saw the entire movie in less than 2 minutes. Dickheads !!!!.

Savage. Dog. in. hindi & download

50th movie of the same shit. no thanks.

I kinda bored of villains of Muslims or zombies. Are there any new villains that we can use like cats or something?.

would love to see him play a villain in a Donnie Yen movie one day..

Now JUJU on that Beat

Scott Adkins ...The next james bond.

Good to see Orlando Bloom getting work. :}

I suggest for Adkins to sell vegetables in a grocery store He'd be a much better Batman and Bruce Wayne then Ben Afleck lol. Let me guess. Aging CIA directors are the bad guys and peaceful Muslims are doing this because they're victims of previous CIA plots. 1-2-3! HOORAY for HOLLYWOOD!!!!. Jane.Wick noomi you are so gorgeous and fact a raw action queen..i wanna see her in more action movies..

in the past Jean cloude Van Damme, TODAY- SKOTT ADKINS <3

its like a 1992 budget movie

now they're rebooting Rambo??

get this man for Batman

A.K.A Thursday Savage, Dog, kisscartoon I like movies about the muslim problem Watch, Savage. Dog Online! Online |… Fidelity, Labs Toni Collette channeling her inner Annie Lennox? Yes, please! ^_^ lmao why are people in the comments talking about how alt-rights hate this or feminists love this... ugh. It's not like this is the first time a female has been in the lead of an action movie, gosh..

Homeland on beast mode


Looks like something that will be interesting to see no release date though? Toni Colette! that's all I am here for Bla , bla,bla, the same movie over and over again........pass


Choosing the antagonist as a muslim must've been a very easy dicision. Challenge yourself, and make a movie with a complex antagonist, then i'll maybe watch this garbage..






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